Vision, Values and Principles

Disability Care Macarthur region – Disability Support Macarthur region


To support and help strengthen the wellbeing of adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, by providing long-term residential programs which increase or maintain their level of independence and connectedness with their local community.


The underlying Values central to the operation of the Organisation are that:

  • The wellbeing of people and their families is the primary focus of the service;
  • People with intellectual disabilities benefit from professional and/or therapeutic support with life skills development;
  • Interventions that are early, flexible, responsive and supportive are crucial to overall wellbeing and growth;
  • People with intellectual disabilities operate with their individual strengths and picture of wellness, and that these will be respected, encouraged and valued.
  • It is of benefit to all to participate, integrate and be involved in the life of their community.
  • Each person should have the opportunity to develop and maintain the skills required to participate in activities that enable them to achieve valued roles in the community.
  • Families are a primary source of socialisation, health, nurturing, learning and creativity.


The Organisation is committed to be guided in its working practice by Principles recognising people in a community service work best in an environment that:

  • supports reflection, learning, growth and development;
  • treats each other in a caring, compassionate and respectful way;
  • is committed to equitable access, social justice, and social change;
  • maintains appropriate confidentiality;
  • fosters a sense of team work and responsibility;
  • is accountable and transparent;
  • clearly articulate its principles, values, objectives, boundaries, and expectations to all people wanting to engage in its service;
  • accepts, values and celebrates difference and will strive to act non-judgemental