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Our Story… Anthony & Anne Dengate.

Tony and Anne have known each other for over 30 years. They were both in the service together as young people. They both work at Afford in Ingleburn.

Anne eventually left the service when she met and married Tom Franklin. He was a bus driver for busways. Anne remained working at Afford during their marriage. Anne and Tom were married for over 20 years until Tom sadly passed away. Macarthur Accommodation system went to help Anne after Tom’s passing. Anne then rejoined Macarthur Accommodation System.

Anne and Tony rekindled their friendship once Anne rejoined the service and about 12 months later, they got very serious about their feelings for one another. Until, in January 2016, on a supported cruise (with other residents and staff from Macarthur Accommodation System)  Tony asked Anne to Marry him. And of course, she said YES.

On the 10/03/2017 Anne and Tony were married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony at Ruse Catholic Church attended by their family and friends. This was then followed by a reception at Campbelltown Golf Club. The day was filled with love, laughter and everyone expressing how happy they were for the couple.

They enjoyed a short cruise for their honeymoon and in may went on a supported holiday to the USA for 23 days. They had so much time on this holiday, spending quality time together as husband and wife, but also enjoying the company of other residents and staff.

Tony and Anne now live in a Granny Flat in  Blackbutt AV in Bradbury. They frequently go to football games, concerts, musicals and other events planned by MacArthur Accommodation System. They enjoy spending time with their family and continue to work at Afford Ingleburn.



  • Jan Domanski


  • Hazel Findlay

    Operations Manager Hazel Findlay. Hazel started off as a swimming teacher for Campbelltown  Council for 15 years. She was then employed by Macarthur Accommodation System as a support worker, working in a number of the houses and with all different residents. Hazel worked as a support worker for 8 years. She then retired. 2 years … Continue reading Hazel Findlay

  • Jenny Mann

    Operations Manager

  • Carmel Dengate

    Carmel Dengate Service Manager Carmel has a background in federally funded Government Authorities including Australia Post and employment services. Carmel has also spent many years in a volunteer capacity in the varied roles of President, Treasurer, Secretary and Events organisation of sporting, performing arts and Community clubs. Her roles as financial auditor, strengths in management … Continue reading Carmel Dengate

  • Julie Singleton

    President Julie has been President of A.C.S.N. Incorporated Management Committee since the Annual General Meeting in 2012. Since this time, Julie has worked very hard to strengthen the governance practices of the Organisation. Julie has worked closely with the Service Manager and Assistant Service Manager on a number of projects. This collaboration has resulted in … Continue reading Julie Singleton

  • Peter McGowan

    Vice President